Commenting FAQs & Guidelines

Edited:   November 01, 2018

Why aren’t my comments shown on the page?

Well, this website means a lot to me. I don’t want to get into any trouble because of anyone else’s comments. So all comments will be moderated. It might take a few days before your comments finally show up on the website. Still, I reserve the right to edit or delete comments that do not meet the standards. See how the comm(enit|it) system works here.

Do you read the comments?

Yes. All comments on any of the post, no matter how long ago it was posted, will be visible to me the second you posted it.

I read your comments because your comments matter to me.

I get encouragement from comments ( this is the main reason I opened the comment section).

Besides, I am aware that I will be probably making a lot mistakes on posts. Some maybe grammatic, some might be of facts. Enabling comment is the most effective way for me to correct them.

What are the guidelines for posting a comment?

Well, there really isn’t much. You can be a resource for your fellow readers and I sincerely hope that you’ll use our comment section to do that. Just follow your common sense and you should be good. For those who really need a document, here are the rules.

  1. Stay on point. When making a comment, try not to go off-topic. Also, try to keep them short and clear.

  2. Show respect. I encourage and appreciate thoughtful debates. Just make sure that when you disagree with the author or another commenter, you do so in a respectful and courteous manner.


Users of the website participate at their own risk and take personal responsibility for their comments, username, and any information provided. The blog owner accepts no responsibility or liability for any data, text, images, messages, or any other materials whatsoever (“Content”) in any comments on this Blog. The opinions expressed in the comments are the responsibility of the commenter.