Fortran with VS2017

Posted:   September 01, 2018

Status:   Completed

Tags :   Fortran Coding

Categories :   Fortran

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  1. Install VS2017

  2. Minimally, select Desktop development with C++, and in the right panel, select one of windows 10 SDKs or when you install ifort stuff it’ll complain.

  3. Install intel Fortran Compiler

  4. Open VS2017 and make a new project. You should be able to see on the left panel Intel(R) Visual Fortran. Select Console Application.

  5. Make a new file (.f90 in my case) in it.

  6. Go to Project-<ProjectName>Properties-Configuration Properties-Fortran-Libraries and in the drop-down menu of Use Intel Math Kernel Library, select anything other than “No”, (Parallel /Qmkl:parallel in my case).

  7. Compile and go.