MathJax Update and Fix

Posted:   October 30, 2020

Edited:   October 30, 2020

Status:   Completed

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Categories :   Meta

Were equations, pictures or diagrams not properly rendered, please refresh the page. If the problem persists, you can contact me.

First inline math $1$

Then inline complicated math $\matrix{1&1\2&2}$ or $\cases{1\2}$.

I think github pages might have updated. Trying not loading mathjax and see if Github Pages is parsing $$ to ( )

Then environments such as align

\[\begin{align} a=&-2\\ =&21\\ =&\pmatrix{saasas \\ asas \\ asas \\ } \end{align}\]

and arrays, seems to be giving me trouble

\[\begin{array} as & qs & asa& asacs\\ \vert \end{array}\]

try other syntax, should not work:

[ qsqw ]

Try new command $\newcommand{\s}{\sin}$, and then use it $\s$.